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Replacement Electrodes

11,80 €
Your accessory!Self-adhesive reusable electrodes (40 x 40 mm). Suitable for all gadgets with a 2mm-plug.
139,80 €
Digital stimulation device for electronic stimulation (soft tingling, rhythmical pulsation, sensual thrusting). Two separately controllable channels, 7 programmes for the satisfaction of individual demands (tender to hard). Timer: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minutes. Intensity, impulse width and frequency are individually adjustable, protocol of the...

O(h!)-thello Electro Dildo

84,80 €
This oval dildo with soft curves can be used both ways - for anal and for vaginal stimulation. Already the inserting of the first oval part of this very special dildo stimulates the anus/vagina intensely - each movement a stimulation. When O(h!)-thello is inserted deeper, the pleasant stimulation flows through you, stimulating all your nerves. Each...

John Butt Plug

99,80 €
This butt plug with a diameter of 5 cm is the perfect love toy. Its smooth metal is tapered, enabling easy inserting. The insulation between the two poles on the first centimetres of the plug ensures that electric stimulation can be felt very soon. You can either choose to feel this tingly and sensual pleasure for hours or vary and intensify the...

Electro Loops Rodeo Robin

35,80 €
This set of loops provides especially intense stimulation and causes tingly, sensual feelings - sensational climaxes, depending on the current strength. You can either position the loops around the glans or the penis root, but should mind that the strap connected with the black cable is closest to the body, making the stimulation more intense.Content:1...
35,80 €
This set, consisting of 2 elastic straps, is especially suitable for electric stimulations and provides tingly sensations, creating passionate climaxes, depending on the current strength. The straps are easily put on and off. You can either position Charming Chuck on the glans, the penis root or on the testicles, but should mind that the strap connected...


54,80 €
These bipolar, conductive body clamps cause tingly and sensual feelings on nipples, labia and other parts of the body. The bipolarity of the clamp ensures that only the zones between the two halves are stimulated - this enables even the simultaneous stimulation of both nipples. Furthermore, the gildened contacts of the clips provide especially intense and...

Adapter Cable

11,80 €
Adapter cable for all Mystim items.Please note: This item is an accessory part for the electronic stimulation device to be ordered separately (item No. 5289270000).
99,80 €
Perfect for electrosex beginners!The Mystim Pure Vibes is a reliable starter device for neverending stimulation from soft tingling, rhythmic pulsating to sensual thrusting, depending on the mode chosen. There are no limitations concerning your imagination and joy of experimenting. Because there are 2 channels, even 2 toys can be employed simultaneously -...

Pubic Enemy No 3

149,96 €
Erotic arrest with thrilling electrical impulses! The cock cage Pubic Enemy No 3 from Mystim has E-stim function. Its size can be adjusted. It suppresses an erection. It provides diverse electro-stimulation. With 2 removable conductive surfaces that are made out of medical platinum silicone. Includes 3 spacers, a testicle squeezer, a metal padlock with...

Electrode for Cluster Buster

11,80 €
Electrode for the Cluster Buster. Suitable for SULTRY SUBS. Self-adhesive. Can be used multiple times. 80 x 40 mm.

Shock Therapy Kit

52,01 €
The shock therapy master! Electrifying experiences are guaranteed with this Shock Therapy Kit! The 4 electrodes can be placed anywhere on the body and the choice of settings is more exciting than the climax that can be reached with the electro-stimulation. Suitable for beginners. Please order batteries separately: 2 x AAA. ABS, polyichloride.

Pubic Enemy No 1

129,00 €
Your manhood under lock and key!Penis cage made out of firm silicone with a harness, screws, 3 spacers, metal lock with two keys, electrode cable, five synthetic seals and ten possession signs. Complete length 8.2 to 9.4 cm. Ø 3.4 to 4.7 cm. Material: silicone, PC, ABS. Tip: an accessory for the stimulation device Tension Lover (05289270000) and Pure...

Cluster Buster

159,80 €
The beautiful, innovative stimulation device is made up of a remote control and a remote-controlled receiver. Up to 8 Mystim toys can be controlled at the same time with the included receiver (Sub). The receiver can control the different programmes and intensities. The amount of toys that can be controlled simultaneously increases with every Sub (please...

Sultry Sub

49,80 €
A real team player!The rechargeable Sultry Sub is an electrosex receiver with an included remote control. An unlimited number of Sultry Subs can be connected to the electric stimulation device Cluster Buster. They then send electric impulses to one, two or three Mystim toys or even to an unlimited number. Of course, the Sultry Sub is also compatible with...

Daring Danny

119,80 €
Pleasure and training in one!Electrical stimulation vibrator with a clitoral stimulator. 2 motors for 8 vibration programmes and 5 kinds of electrical stimulation in 10 intensities – extra quiet! There is also a training programme that is especially for the pelvic floor to help improve the ability to orgasm. Waterproof. Includes a USB cable. Complete...
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