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16,95 €
Wicked look and arousing feeling!Steep nipples that raise demandingly - this view drives every man mad... Put the sucker on the nipple and squeeze the ball: It feels as if kneading fingers or a sucking mouth stimulates the sensitive nipples and they erect. Red/transparent. Ø of suction cups 5.5 cm. Material: PVC, ABS.

Crystal Clear Multisucker

19,95 €
Mind blowing sucking feelings! >>Multi Sucker<< just place it on nipples or clitoris and with the manageable lust vacuum´s pump ball create: a feeling as if there is a demanding mouth sucking the specific parts! Two transparent suction cups (each 6 cm long, diameter of opening 2 cm) with a pressure regulating manageable pump ball. The vacuum...

Nipple sucker

9,95 €
For erect nipples!Two black nipple suckers with a metal ring. The suckers are put on the nipples and a sucking vacuum is created when they are squeezed together. Inner-Ø 2.1 cm. Material: silicone, metal.

The Black Treasure Pussy

29,95 €
For volumised labia!Press the anatomically shaped suction cup onto your labia and operate the manageable vacuum pump. Fits any vagina size. Size: 7.2 cm long, 5 cm wide (interior measurement) and 4.5 cm high. Material: silicone/ ABS.

Vagina Sucker

39,95 €
A vaginal toy that makes your labia swell to a tremendous size. Just place the cup over your vagina and pump the squeeze ball to create a stimulating vacuum. Fits any vagina.

»Labia Sucker«

29,95 €
Let your labia grow in size!Anatomically formed and transparent sucker for the inner labia. Just place the suction cup on your private parts and then create a vacuum by using the pump with outlet valve. Suitable for all vulva. Black-transparent. Length suction cup 5.2 cm, width 2.7 cm (inner measurement). Hose length 30.5 cm. Material: silicone, ABS.

You2Toys Clit Sucker

29,95 €
The amazing clitoris sucker! Vacuum pump for women that provides intense stimulation of the clitoris. With a transparent cylinder and a pump ball with safety valve. The vacuum pump provides a really pleasurable suction - comparable to oral sex. The clitoris will swell up and look excitingly plump thanks to the increased blood flow and will also become a...

19,95 €
Two individually adjustable nipple suckers which create a strong vacuum. Total length 10 cm, ø 2.8 cm. Material: ABS.

Nipple Sucker

19,95 €
Sucking pleasure!Just place the nipple sucker onto the nipples, create a strong vacuum by turning the suckers and the nipples become erect. A great feeling! Individually adjustable. Complete length of each approx. 10.5 cm and inner Ø 5.8 cm. Material: ABS. 2 nipple suckers.

Intimate Vacuum Cup

36,95 €
VP006 Vagina Pump SOLOThrilling feelings and an exciting sight!3-part set for intense vaginal pleasure. With a crystal-clear, firm suction cup, a fitting attachment sleeve and a hose and valve. The vaginal pump stimulates the blood flow in the intimate area, which increases the vaginal moisture, makes this area more sensitive and boosts the level of...

Vagina Set Solo Extreme

52,95 €
VP002 Vagina Set SOLO EXTREMEIncludes a FRÖHLE insertion tube!High-quality set with a crystal-clear, firm suction cup for the intimate area, a fitting attachment sleeve and a pump ball with tube and valve.The special highlight is the included FRÖHLE insertion tube.The vagina set stimulates the blood flow in the intimate area to increase the moisture in...
79,94 €
VP001 Vagina Set DUO EXTREME PROFESSIONAL4-part complete set for vaginal pleasures!Comprehensive set with 1 firm, oval suction cup and 1 round suction cup for the intimate area. Made out of flexible material. Includes a piston pump with hose and pressure regulator that provides an intense suction sensation with a pressure of up to 600 Mbar. Compatible...

Pink Pussy Pump

39,95 €
Arousing feelings of sucking and licking!Anatomically shaped suction cup for the vagina (11 x 8 x 5 cm) - just place on your centre of lust and create a great vacuum with the help of the handy pump ball. Pink. Material: ABS/PVC.

Nipple Sucker

14,96 €
NP009 Nipple Sucker SOLID MStimulating, intensifying and enhancing!Crystal clear suction cup with pump ball made out of firm polycarbonate that provides a punctual stimulation of clitoris and nipples. Drastically increases the pleasure for more intense orgasms. The nipple sucker can have a long-lasting effect on nipples and clitoris when used on a regular...

BK Vagina Sucker

39,95 €
Monster labia! A hot view for HIM, an incredible feeling for HER! Simply press the anatomically shaped suction cup over your lust centre and operate the handy ball pump to create a great vacuum. Size: 12.5 x 7.5 x cm, adapts to every vulva. Material: ABS/PVC.
71,95 €
VP003 Vagina Set SOLO EXTREME PROFESSIONALCompatible with the FRÖHLE insertion tube!Crystal clear, solid suction cup for the intimate area with a fitting attachment sleeve. Equipped with a piston grip pump with a tube and valve that can create up to 600 Mbar of negative pressure and provide an intense suction experience. Includes the FRÖHLE insertion tube...

Vibrating Triple Suckers

60,00 €
Triple sucking stimulation with vibration! Nipple and clitoris suckers with three vibro-bullets. The soft suction cups are placed over the nipples and clitoris and then a vacuum is created with the practical pump ball: The cups stick securely to the areas and they stay in place as well. The vibrations from the bullets provide thrilling, additional...

vibrating nipple suck-hers

23,99 €
A powerful suction!These nipple suckers provide extensive stimulation of the nipples! The powerful suction cups guarantee that the nipples will swell to succulence, and if that´s not enough one just has to add the vibration to the fun. Fortunately, these little suck-hers are waterproof and can also be used in the shower or bath. Batteries included: 6 x...

FFS High Intensity Pussy Pump

40,99 €
For extremely voluptuous labia! The blood flow is stimulated in the intimate area when the vagina suction cup is used – this makes the area wetter, more sensitive and helps a woman get aroused quicker as well. The labia and clitoris are also enlarged in a sensual way. For intense climaxes and more fun during sex.

Mini Pussy Pump

46,00 €
For extremely voluptuous labia! The blood flow is stimulated in the intimate area when this pussy pump is used – this makes the area wetter, more sensitive and aroused more easily. The labia and clitoris also get bigger as well. For intense climaxes and more fun during sex. Complete length 51 cm, Ø 6.5 cm. PVC, ABS, acrylic.

Vibrating Pussy Pump

58,00 €
For huge labia and tingling feelings! Anatomically-shaped vagina suction cup with a removable vibro-bullet and an easy-to-use ball pump with a pump lever. Multi-speed vibration with the remote control on a wire. Please order batteries separately. PVC, ABS.

Vibrating Roto Suck - Her

88,00 €
Powerful suction and spot-on stimulation! Anatomically-shaped vagina suction cup with vibration and an extra long handle so that it is easy to hold. The inside of the suction cup is soft and flexible, the clitoral stimulator in a special shape and there is also a pronounced, stimulating texture. Suction function, pressure release and vibration (7 modes)...

her nipple enhancer set

20,00 €
Put it on, start pumping, experience hot suction!For the extremely sensitive nipples: nipple suckers with extra strong suction power. Of course, they can also be used on the clitoris which is probably even more arousing.Complete length large sucker 9.7 cm, inner Ø 2.5 cm; complete length medium sucker 8.8 cm, inner Ø 2 cm; complete length small sucker 8.8...

Automatic Pussy Pump

79,94 €
Fully-automatic, pleasurable suction! Vagina sucker Automatic Pussy Pump from Bad Kitty with 7 very powerful suction modes at the push of a button. The vulva and clitoris swell in an arousing way, have better blood flow and become even more sensitive to touch because of the vacuum that´s created. The vacuum can be easily adjusted and stopped by pressing...
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