Dildos anales


Anal Special

19,95 €
The equipment for ´doubledeckers´!Elastic black dildo (length 16 cm, Ø 2.5 cm) with a loop for the penis (Ø 3 cm) and a testicle ring (Ø ca. 5 cm, elastic). Material: TPR.

Anal Special

21,95 €
Indulge your partner both anally and vaginally!Attach the dildo to your penis simply by sliding the rings over penis and testicles. Now you are fully equipped with a second slippery and flexible cock to penetrate her double. Or use the dildo alone. Black rubber dildo (16 cm, Ø 2.5 cm) with an integrated rubber penis ring (Ø 3 cm, elastic) and testicle...

Twisting Tom

69,80 €
With tingling electric pulses through the backdoor!Quattro-polar butt plug Twisting Tom for electric stimulation device Tension Lover or Pure Vibes from Mystim. It has an anatomically perfect shape and stimulates prostate and perineum at the same time. Flex & Stay so it can be bent into any desired position and stays there.Its 4 poles create two...

Anal Training Set

39,95 €
Dildo trio for anal pleasure and anal stretching! 3-piece anal dildo set. The dildos are different sizes and weights: Small dildo 11,5 cm, insertion length 10.3 cm, Ø max. 2.7 cm, 59 g. Medium dildo 14 cm, insertion length 12.6 cm, Ø max. 3.3 cm, 104 g. Large dildo 16.5 cm, insertion length 15 cm, Ø max. 3.9 cm, 154 g. Each transparent dildo is...

Double Trouble

21,01 €
Couple´s toy for lots of pleasure! Cock and ball ring, and a flexible anal dildo in one. Creates long-lasting erections, thanks to the blood congestion effect. It also provides double stimulation during penetration. With a tapered tip for easy insertion. The pronounced glans also provide wonderful simultaneous stimulation as well. Complete light 15.2 cm,...

Ribbed Double Trouble

23,99 €
A couple´s toy for lots of pleasure! Cock and ball ring with a flexible and grooved anal dildo. Creates long-lasting erections because of the blood congestion effect. Perfect for double stimulation during penetration. With a tapered tip for easy insertion. Complete length 17 cm, insertion length 16 cm, Ø 1.2 cm (flexible). PVC.

Double Trouble

40,00 €
Couple´s toy for gigantic pleasure!A cock and ball ring and an anal dildo in one. Provides long-lasting erections by restricting the blood flow and makes double stimulation possible during penetration. With the tapered tip it is very easy to insert.Complete length 15 cm, insertion length 14.2 cm, dildo Ø 3 cm, ring Ø 4.3 cm (slightly flexible). Silicone.


31,00 €
A completely full feeling in the anus! The Insta-Gaper has a comfortable tip that can be inserted easily. Once the plug has been inserted, it opens out like a flower and pleasantly fills the inside of the anus. The soft surface means that it slides in easily and the strong suction cup makes hands-free fun with this anal stretcher possible. Insertion...
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