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vibrating reach around

42,00 €
Bedmate for the prostate!This vibrator offers pleasurable massages for the perineum. The tapered tip reaches the P-spot perfectly and provides its user with spectacular orgasms. The bulbous shaft and the dots also stimulate from the inside. It is also a good companion in the shower or bath since it is waterproof. Please order batteries separately: 1 x...

9-function prostate vibe

35,01 €
Prostate ahoy!This vibrator will delight the prostate with its 9 vibration modes. Once it´s inserted, the bulbous structure will stimulate the prostate precisely. The arms stimulate the perineum at the same time making for explosive prostate orgasms. It can also be used in the shower or bath since it is waterproof. Please order batteries separately: 2 x...

flexa-pleaser power beads

42,00 €
Flexible pleasure-giver! This flexible vibrator hits all the hotspots! The flexible shaft with its stimulating beaded texture can always be bent in the right direction and can pleasure the P-spot and G-spot with its 3 exciting vibration speeds. This vibrator is also waterproof which means that it loves having fun in the bath and the shower as well. Please...

Ultimate P-Spot Milker

97,01 €
Targeted stimulation of pleasure spots and comfortable to wear!This flexible prostate vibrator offers targeted stimulation of the P-spot and the perineum. The 9 vibration modes and 9 nodding modes guarantee an exciting experience. The vibration modes can be controlled at the push of a button. The ergonomic design and smooth Elite Silicone allows for...

Remote Control P-Spot Pro

64,00 €
Targeted stimulation of pleasure spots and comfortable to wear!This flexible prostate vibrator offers targeted stimulation of the P-spot and the perineum, but can also be used to please the G-spot and clitoris. The two motors (one in each end) with 9 vibration patterns guarantee an exciting experience. Both motors can be controlled at the push of a button...

P-Motion Massager

94,00 €
Targeted stimulation of pleasure spots and comfortable to wear!This flexible prostate vibrator provides targeted stimulation of the P-spot and the perineum! The 3 vibration modes guarantee an exciting experience. The bulgy middle part hides 2 massage balls that really work the P-spot - phenomenal and breathtaking orgasms are included. The ergonomic design...

Electro Stim Prostate Vibe

95,00 €
A stimulating experience!The Prostate Vibe will really energize the prostate. The stimulating electric current flows directly to the P-spot and to the perineum to give the user breathtaking and tingly orgasms that run through the whole body. The vibrator´s ergonomic design adapts to the body and the soft silicone makes it pleasant and easy to insert. The...

Vibrating Roto-Sucker

119,00 €
Pleasures the most sensitive zone of the penis! The Vibrating Roto-Sucker covers the glans with velvety soft silicone that feels pleasant against the skin. The 7 vibration modes extensively stimulate the frenulum and help the user have tremendous orgasms. The suction function can be controlled separately and provides an additional blowjob feeling, which...
60,00 €
For precise P-spot stimulation!This vibrator really targets the P-zone! The curved shaft stimulates from the inside with its stimulating grooves and thrusts into the P-zone to pleasure it with 10 vibration modes. The wide base makes sure that a man can just sit back and enjoy because it prevents the plug from sliding in too far. This gem is also...

Cock Teaser

57,00 €
A highlight for the penis hot spots!This wonderfully soft glans vibrator guarantees precise stimulation of the glans and frenulum with 10 vibration modes. The strategically well placed motor is not just extremely powerful, it also distributes the vibrations on the entire glans for an intense stimulation of the penis´ most sensitive area which results in...

Silicone P-Spot Massager

50,00 €
Powerful vibrations for the prostate and perineum! The prostate vibrator with its curved shape provides intense stimulation for the male hotspots. It doesn´t just get the prostate in its sights, it also stimulates the sensitive perineum with its base that was specifically designed for this. The 7 vibration modes provide diverse pleasure. The P-spot...

Wall Banger P-Spot

99,99 €
Anal fun right up to the P-spot (and G-spot)!Wonderfully curved prostate vibrator with a stimulating texture and a (removable) suction cup for hands-free fun. It can also be used to stimulate her vaginal G-spot. The 10 different vibration modes can be easily adjusted via the remote control – a partner can also use the remote control. The remote control...


68,99 €
App-controlled all-round pleasure!Waterproof (anal) vibrator Iker from Svakom in an ergonomic design that flexibly adapts to the respective anatomy to stimulate prostate and perineum or G-spot and clitoris at the same time. It has 2 quiet motors and stimulates with 5 vibration modes in one end and 5 pulsating knocking modes in the other end (insertable...

Ebony Prostate Massager

44,95 €
For men!Insert this massage device anal and enjoy incredibly intense orgasms. Black prostate massager in the shape of a scorpion´s tail. With 10 different rhythms of vibration and 5 stimulating nubs for perineum stimulation. 13.5 cm long, Ø ca. 1.5-2.5 cm. Penetration depth 11 cm. Material: TPR/ABS. Batteries included.


79,94 €
This vibrator really is quiet! The Naughty-Boy anal vibrator from Rocks Off can be used for simultaneous stimulation of the prostate and perineum. The 7 vibration levels can be adjusted at the push of a button. The vibrator can be removed for cleaning. Includes a battery. Ø 1 to 4 cm. Silicone. Sustainable packaging without plastic.


44,95 €
For hard erections with anal stimulation! Flexible cock/ball ring with the securely attached vibro-butt plug RO-ZEN from Rocks off. The rings hold the penis and testicles securely and can support the erection effectively thanks to the blood congestion effect. The inserted vibro-butt plug provides intense backdoor stimulation with its 7 different vibration...

O-Boy 7

54,95 €
Stimulates the male pleasure spots!The wonderfully curved P-spot vibrator O-Boy from Rocks Off is perfect for spot-on prostate stimulation. The stimulating dots on the lay-on surface (stopper) pleasure the perineum at the same time as well. The 7 vibration modes can be easily adjusted at the push of a button. The vibro-bullet can be removed from the...

Vibrating plug medium

25,95 €
Two in one!This vibrator doesn´t just have pronounced grooves, it also has an extra arm, where the vibro-bullet is placed, which can stimulate her clitoris or his perineum! Black. Complete length approx. 17 cm, Ø 2.7 to 3.1 cm. Material: silicone, vibro-bullet ABS with a PU coating. Batteries not included: 1 x AAA batteries are needed.

Prostate Vibrator

24,95 €
L-shaped vibrator with dots on the shaft. A part of the shaft is thicker than the rest of it. Removable vibro-bullet. Black/silver-coloured.Complete length 12 cm, penetration depth 9 cm, Ø 2 to 3.3 cm.Material: silicone with a pu-coating, ABS.Batteries included.

Prostate Vibrator

24,95 €
Stimulates the perineum and P-spot simultaneously!C-shaped vibrator with a larger head that gets inserted into the anus, in order to stimulate the prostate. The other end has dots on it and is there to massage the perineum at the same time. An amazing orgasm that every man has to experience! So get your Rebel Prostate Vibrator now!Black/silver-coloured....

Prostate Vibrator

29,95 €
Smooth lover!This black vibrator with a slightly wavy shaft and large glans at the tip has a cheeky extra: an additional perineum stimulator. Complete length 15 cm, Ø 2.7 to 3.3 cm. Perineum stimulator 5 cm long, Ø 2.5 cm.Material: silicone, ABS (with a PU coating).Please order batteries separately: 1 x AAA.
29,95 €
Stimulates HIS pleasure spot!Pamper your prostate for even more impressive erections and orgasms – this black P-spot vibrator has a curved shape for doing just that. The three overlapping balls on the shaft ensure exciting stimulation as soon as they’re inserted. …and for even more stimulation, simply switch on the single-level vibration by pressing a...


39,95 €
Intense vibrating pleasure! The prostate vibrator Quest from Rocks Off has a slightly curved tip. The tip finds the P-spot and pleasures it extensively with 10 whisper-quiet vibration modes that can be easily adjusted at the push of a button. Pure pleasure! Includes a battery. Complete length 11.2 cm, Ø 2.5 cm. Silicone, ABS. Sustainable packaging without...

Cock Ring with Butt Plug

69,95 €
Intense climaxes for HIM!This black cock ring also has a wonderful vibrating butt plug. The stimulating plug can easily be inserted into HIS back passage, thanks to the very smooth material, while the flexible ring ´holds´ HIS penis securely – a feeling that HE has to experience for himself! With 10 different vibration modes that are easily adjusted with...
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