Vibradores del punto G


vibrating curve

26,00 €
Reaches and provides spot-on stimulation of the most intimate pleasure spots! Curved P-spot and G-spot vibrator with a solid shaft that slides into intimate depths really easily. Once it is in place, the ball-shaped head provides spot-on G-spot or P-spot stimulation. Its multi-speed vibrations can be adjusted with the dial from gentle to powerful....

Vivid Rose

28,00 €
Large, powerful and with multi-speed vibration! This vibrator has MORE to offer than other pleasure-givers in every respect. It is very large and stands out with pronounced glans, eye-catching veins and a clitoral stimulator on the shaft. It massages the user with exiting multi-speed vibration and is easy to use. It is also waterproof and loves being used...

Flexible Please-Her

52,01 €
Flexible – it reaches every pleasure zone! This rechargeable friend has a few surprises up its sleeve. Its flexible shaft finds all the hotspots (even the hidden ones) and massages them with 9 various vibration modes. It is waterproof and therefore loves being used in the bath and the shower. Its soft surface feels great against the skin. Complete length...
200,00 €
The all-round pleasure-giver in the luxury version! This 3-in-1 vibrator fulfills every desire: the slightly curved shaft reaches the G-spot really easily and stimulates it with its 10 vibration modes. There is a clitoral stimulator with 7 movement modes and a suction cup with 3 suction patterns at the other end. A vacuum can be created at the push of a...

wall banger G

99,99 €
The G-spot stimulator in a hot design! This special vibrator stands out because of all the various ways it can be used and its ergonomically-shaped shaft. The suction cup is removable and in an elegant design for hands-free solo fun. The remote control can be removed, once the suction cup has been removed, so that it can be used to control the 10...

Couples Vibrating Starter Kit

25,00 €
For diverse sex games! 3-piece toy set that contains a G-spot vibrator, flexible cock ring with a clitoral stimulator and a vibro-bullet. The toys can be used separately but they can also be used with each other as well. For example, the vibro-bullet can be inserted into the cock ring and this duo can then give the vibrator an upgrade. The vibrator´s and...

G-Spot Vibrator

39,95 €
Provides spot-on massages and stimulation! Wonderfully curved, flexible vibrator with a large massage head for spot-on G-spot stimulation. The 10 vibration modes provide lots of variety. The G-spot Vibrator is waterproof which means that it can also be used in the bath or the shower. Rechargeable – includes a USB cable. Complete length 22 cm, Ø 2 cm to...


149,00 €
Connectivity that produces pleasure! This rabbit vibrator Fuse from OhMiBod by Kiiroo is a real all-rounder, especially when it comes to technology. The Bluetooth function means that it can be connected to a partner´s toy or be used with 2D content and VR headsets. This is how the Fuse and a compatible masturbator can connect to each other so that their...

Vick Neo

69,99 €
Interactive pleasure for his P-spot or her G-spot! Perfectly shaped, waterproof anal vibrator for prostate stimulation which also has a wide base for perineum stimulation. Once it´s found her G-spot it will also simultaneously stimulate her clitoris as well. It has a velvety soft touch surface for even more comfort during play and wear (over long periods...

Luxurious G-Spot Vibe

69,95 €
Beautiful design for G-spot stimulation! Wonderfully curved vibrator with a large, movable massage head for spot-on G-spot stimulation. It can also be used to stimulate his P-spot. The 10 vibration modes provide a lot of variety. It can also be used in the bath or the shower because it is waterproof. The velvety soft touch texture feels great against the...

Thumping G-Spot Vibrator

89,95 €
Thumping, knocking vibrations directly on the G-spot! The Thumping G-spot Vibrator from Sweet Smile is a flexible vibrator with an innovative knocking function in the wonderfully curved and rounded G-spot tip. The tip has a soft, stimulating texture as well. The 2 motors have 7 vibration modes and 3 pulsating knocking modes that can be controlled...


119,00 €
Provides spot-on massages and stimulation! Wonderfully curved vibrator with a soft, round gel tip for stimulating the G-spot directly and stimulating the G-spot area. 2 quiet motors provide pleasure with their patented Treble & Bass technology: the Treble motor at the top provides intense, high-frequency vibration waves and the Bass motor at the...

G-Spot Vibrator

49,95 €
For spot-on G-spot stimulation! Wonderfully curved G-Spot Vibrator from Sweet Smile with a flexible neck and a large head with stimulating grooves for precise stimulation of the G-spot. It can also be used to pleasure his P-spot. The 12 vibration modes provide a lot of variety and can be easily controlled using the button on the toy. The vibrator has a...

Good Times

17,94 €
Spot-on specialist for both partners!Anatomically shaped vibrator that easily finds the G-spot and P-spot. Its powerful vibrations will provide amazing feelings of ecstasy as well. (Please order batteries separately: 2 x Mignon). Complete length 21.5 cm, Ø 2 cm to 3.5 cm. ABS.


69,95 €
The quiet lover! Powerful vibrator with three quiet motors – one at the bottom, one in the middle and one at the top. 7 different vibration modes that can be controlled at the push of a button. With a display that lights up to show which motor is active. (Please order batteries separately: 3 x Micro). Complete length 23 cm, Ø 3.5 cm to 4.5 cm. Silicone, ABS.

Pink Leaf

29,95 €
The very special lover! Vibrator with a stimulating texture down the sides in a leaf design. The vibrator also has a clitoral stimulation arm. It has multi-speed vibration. (Please order batteries separately: 2 x Mignon/AA). Complete length 21 cm, insertion length 15 cm. Ø 4 cm. Silicone, ABS.

Mr. Nice Guy Vibe

29,95 €
For G-spot stimulation!Flexible pink-coloured vibrator with slightly bent tip and 7 vibration levels, adjustable on the push of a button. Total length approx. 23 cm, penetration depth approx. 20.5 cm, ø approx. 4 cm. Material: silicone, ABS. (Please order batteries separately: 2x Mignon/AA)

Hey Mr. Flex

24,95 €
Extremely flexible for diverse stimulation! Fancy vibrator with a long, flexible handle that can be bent in every direction – even up to 180 degrees! It can stimulate the most sensitive and hard-to-reach areas precisely with its large vibro-head – it can even reach her G-spot and his P-spot to provide spot-on stimulation. The vibrator can also be used...


34,94 €
Stimulate the secret pleasure spot! This vibrator from Sweet Smile stimulates the G-spot because of its curved shape and stands out because of its flexibility! Its 7 vibration modes can be adjusted at the push of a button and provide diverse pleasure. (Please order the batteries separately: 2 x AA).Complete length 20 cm, insertion length 17.5 cm, Ø 3.7...


39,95 €
Stimulates the G-spot! This flexible G-spot vibrator from You2Toys stands out with 7 powerful vibration modes at the push of a button. The LED display indicates which rhythm is active. (Please order batteries separately: 2 x Micro/AAA). Complete length approx. 20 cm, insertion depth 15.5 cm. Ø 2.5 to 3.4 cm. Silicone.

G-Spot Lover

19,95 €
The pleasure specialist!Wavy vibrator with spoon-shaped tip from You2Toys. Multi-speed vibration. Please order batteries separately (2 x Mignon/AA). Complete length 18 cm, Ø 2.6-3.8 cm. ABS.

The Swan Wand

169,00 €
Pure pink pleasure!This pink vibrator has two powerful motors – one at each end. Use the 7 different vibration modes, which can be controlled separately, and give into your desires. The vibrator can be used to stimulate the vagina, clitoris or just for a relaxing massage thanks to its curved shape. And the best thing about it: you can use it in the bath...

G+P-Spot Lover Silicone

19,95 €
A treat for everyone!This vibrator is made out of velvety soft silicone and finds the G-spot or P-spot easily thanks to its curved tip. The multi-speed vibration makes finding the perfect vibration speed easy. Please order battery separately (1 x Mignon/AA).Complete length 16 cm, insertion depth 12.5 cm, Ø 2.5-3.2 cm. Silicone, ABS.

Red G-Spot Vibe

29,95 €
Looking for something new?This red vibrator stands out because of its unusual shape. It has a slightly curved, ball-shaped tip and a smooth shaft with stimulating raised parts, which will feel amazing when you’re inserting it. This lover has a total of 10 different vibration modes that are just waiting for you to try them out. All you have to do is press...
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